The Apsley Paper Trail is a charitable trust founded in 1999 to conserve the unique industrial heritage of Frogmore Paper Mill and the site at Apsley Mills, Hemel Hempstead.

Frogmore is still a working paper mill today. Now operated by the Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust, it is a visitor, education and community focussed centre. The trust is entirely self-financing with all proceeds from its activities re-invested in the repair, maintenance and development of the mill and its historic equipment. The Trust also owns two former John Dickinson & Co. buildings at what was Apsley Mills: the Cottage and the John Dickinson Enterprise Centre (JDEC). The income from office rentals helps to support the Charity.

Paper is a commodity that we barely give thought to, yet we use it every day. Simple to make in its most basic form, but varied and versatile thanks to the skill and science that has been applied to papermaking. Papermaking is an epic story of more than 2000 fascinating years. The tales of the inventors, the inventions, the impact on lives in the local area and the surprising interconnections make it worthy of a historical drama. The Trust sets out to educate and share this knowledge; the remarkable story of paper past, present and still unfolding!

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Our Office Space

John Dickinson
Enterprise Centre

The John Dickinson Enterprise Centre (JDEC) on The Paper Trail’s Apsley Mills site is a purpose-designed office space refurbishment for start-up and small business users…

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Apsley Mills

Originally a single side, this building was extended in about 1927 to form three sides around a pleasant garden, with the Apsley War Memorial near to London Road…

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Paper Mill

Frogmore Mill first made paper in 1774 and was home to the birthplace of paper’s Industrial Revolution.  Still a working mill, it is now run by the Apsley Paper Trail charity…

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